Everybody’s doing it

When Richmond was debating whether to construct an urban highway, one argument used in favor of the highway was the citation of other cities with urban highways. Here are two prime examples from June 4, 1950:

june 4 1950-eight cities with highways say they're good-news-propoganda

june 4 1950-First ad-Forward Richmond Highway Committee in favor-Political ad

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3 responses to “Everybody’s doing it

  1. Where do you dig up these fantastic pieces of history? It’s great to read about richmond’s past and its memories…

  2. Newspaper microfilm! It’s an amazing world of news, opinions, political cartoons and advertisements from the past.

  3. a sidebar to the ballpark in the bottom marketing is the current struggling farmers market. While they are thriving everywhere else, there now is sufficient downtown population to support and appreciate a viable farmers market in its current historic location. The plan mockups show a winding pedestrian path from the ballpark to Main street, no streets for vendors or shoppers to access the booths, and flimsy cloth “umbrellas” for scattered vendors. Are we city taxpayers not funding a director of farmers markets who deserves input? Sounds to me like no thought has gone into enhancing the current market–merely a pleasant path for tourists to stroll through…. Am sure the current eateries/shops/businesses on 17th and 18th street would love having pedestrian-only access to their venures, rather like the 6th St Marketplace.

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