I love this image.

Dinner Time

It’s called Dinner Time. It’s a photogravure taken by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe. Perhaps in their early teens, these young men are most likely providing for their families by working the land with wooden tools and living animals. This photo connects us to our agrarian past and plays on our institutionalized angst. While we sit at our computers many of us imagine life before technology. Today, you can apply a nostalgic filter called “sepia” to make a photo look like photogravure. These days, much of life seems to be carelessly filtered with sepia to make our surroundings feel more connected to the past. Nostalgia is all around.

It’s a topic that I’ve been interested in since my second year of college and my interest has grown as the years have passed. Since I started this blog, I’ve consistently found my way to ideas and stories related to a desire for the past, a longing for what has been lost, and an inability to imagine a new future.

Here are a few:

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