A race


In the past 24 hours, my 95-year-old granddad has set and broken 4 world records. Two races to go.*

His life is truly a testament to the value of consistency and hard work. For the first 90 years of his life, he lived and worked. For the past five years, he has won.

But the beauty of his story is not in his gold medals and world records. The beauty in his story is not mere longevity or discipline. The beauty lies in his faith in God and identity in his plans. He said a few years ago (after a stroke) that he might never run again. He was as content that day as he was today as the first officially recorded man his age to run the mile.

And through the years, he has loved his family with a commitment that deserves more honor than any metal can bestow. Fifteen of us came to watch him this weekend. At the end of the race today, the first person to greet him was his great granddaughter.

Winning a race is not about crossing a finish line. Winning is about loving and being loved along the way. Winning is about remembering what really matters.

This is the life of a champion:


*He ended up setting world records for the last two races as well

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