Lighter Skin

One of the more surprising aspects of my research into Richmond newspapers was the sort of stuff I found in the Afro-American (Now the Richmond Free Press). My primary research interest, the story of a highway being build through Black neighborhoods, was hardly covered. In addition, I didn’t find the “Black is beautiful” perspective of Marcus Garvey and his contemporaries. Instead, I was devastated to find ads such as this one to the right promising lighter, softer skin. I share it because, like me, you may not have known that this ad existed in 1950s Richmond. I share it so that we all can have a tiny connection to the past.

2 responses to “Lighter Skin

  1. People’s perceptions can be so warped based on societal pressures. Unfortunately, the promotion of lighter skin is still very much alive today
    check out the other respondents in the forum btw

  2. Wow that’s so interesting. I didn’t expect that at all … from America in the 1950s to South Korea in the 2000s

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