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Glenstone (August, 2022)

I took some time to visit Glenstone last week. It was great to have a chance to slow down and wander the property. The art inside The Pavilions was beautiful and thought-provoking, but the structure itself and the landscape are the main attractions for me. The building is modern and monumental, but the materials and siting in the landscape make it feel natural, pushed up from the granite fault below. The prairie is allowed to grow right up to the connected structures. While sitting in Room 7, I watched dragonflies through the window as they chased other insects and scrambled to avoid the diving swallows. I was even lucky enough to see a swallow catch and eat a dragonfly like I was on insect safari.

The landscape is currently in transition as summer has begun to fade to fall. Most peak summer color has been replaced by the silver of mountain mint and rattlesnake master, lavender of blue mistflower, and rusted purple of Joe Pye Weed. The experience of the museum overall is extremely well-designed. From the start, you always know where you are in a way that allows you to relax and just appreciate it. The visit gave me more thoughts I may put together in a separate post. Below are some photos I took of the landscape, structures, and outdoor art on the property including works by Charles Ray, Richard Serra, Andrew Goldsworthy, and Jeff Koons. Landscape by PWP and Pavillions by Thomas Phifer and Partners.