Learning is a lifelong habit. To me, the place of learning is created by two or more people engaged for a shared purpose. This place is often presented in simple “instructor-instructed” binaries such as ” professor-student” and “master-protege,” but I have become persuaded that it is really all learning.

A group of engaged people can transform ordinary rooms into places of learning. A group of disinterested people might be more dissatisfied until they engage. Without personally engaging we will never learn or help another to learn.

As I begin to work in a community high school, I have started thinking through what it means to create a place of learning with younger people. My first post on this topic is titled (not surprisingly) “The Place of Learning.” The second two are “A Vantage” and “Performing the Vantage.” These relate to the idea that the classroom should provide a perspective of the world outside the classroom. I am also very interested in the traditions that sustain human civilization such as this discussion on fraternal societies. Finally, I’m becoming increasingly fascinated by the amount of learning that can occur at every stage of life: from one intensional year to a lifetime of work.

Hopefully recording these posts will help me think more critically about what exactly I’m trying to do … I think it’s more than just imparting knowledge. I want to share the responsibility of creating a place so that we all enter with the desire to learn and teach. I know this sounds idealistic and I think that’s the point. You have to be idealistic to believe that students will one day understand all there is to understand about themselves and this world.

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