The General Idea

This blog is a work in progress. I started it at the end of college to have an outlet for my ideas after I graduated. It’s basically a jungle gym for my brain and a place to store and sort my thoughts.

I experience life in the same way I experience a city. There are big, grand spaces where I stand in awe and there are small, quiet places where I embrace time alone or intimate conversation. Just like in a city, there are times in life that I proudly promote and others that make me feel ashamed.

Cities are as complex as me, they allow me to be myself (or question what that is), they give me a chance to grow up, and they repay commitment with a sense of purpose and place. In great cities, there is always the past, present, and future.

3 responses to “The General Idea

  1. Michael, love the site. Some of the links are not working, however. In the “10 good reasons…” the link to Richmond Highways came up “not found”. Blessings! Boyd

  2. Thanks Boyd! I can’t find the link your talking about. Could you be more specific?

  3. WOW! I love this blog I especially love the section on Tyler Texas (my home town) and your vision of glenwood and the rose bud. Great job, God Bless!

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