Future projects

I’ve been mulling over a few future projects for long enough that it’s time to write them down. I’m not ready to jump in, but wanted to start this page as a placeholder and small signal to the universe that I have intentions.

Writing biographies. When I worked in the assisted living environment, I wondered how many residents had incredible stories that might never be recorded. The conversations I had with were so special, but because of HIPPA and other reasons I usually couldn’t relay those stories to family members who may have loved to hear them. I also have a grandfather who wrote his autobiography and I see the value in reflecting on your life and sharing what you have done and learned. I would love to write a biography. If it goes well, I’d like to write more. I’d love to travel with someone to significant places in their life story (hometown, college, battlefield, etc.) in order to stir memories encourage reflection, maybe even healing. Telling your story can be therapeutic. For someone at a crossroads, it could help them decide on the path to take. For someone at the end of their life, it could help them let go. I have also considered that many people have parts of their life story that they have never shared. It would be a real honor to receive those stories and either incorporate them into the main project or save them for an anonymous compilation of “life behind the life” reflections so that they could still benefit from the sharing and others might benefit from reading a shared experience.

Nutrition coaching and support. I’m very passionate about the whole-food plant-based diet. I’ve seen incredible benefits personally to the diet and, over the past four years, I have come to fully accept the research that backs it up. I understand that what we eat is very personal so I do my best to hold back my opinions, but I also recognize there are many people who already want to try something new and lack the motivation to figure it out themselves. I’m not legalistic or a purist; the way that I eat truly comes from a place of desire. I want to feel better, I want to help my body do it’s job, I want to have more energy. I’ve also lost weight. Although not the primary goal, it is one of the main possible side effects. I continue to read, attend talks, and explore this area of interest. I have considered general “Life Coaching,” as well, but my passion is really on this nutrition piece and that is where I may like to focus some day.

Landscape gardening. Sometime around 2017 I fell into a love of plants and gardening. I have wide-ranging interests, many personal projects, and an increasingly clear set of values that guide this work. I plant almost entirely native plants (trees, shrubs, and perennials) with an emphasis on creating both habitat and beauty. My most clear vision for this is that I would like to partner with someone who owns an old, beautiful estate with gardens in need of fresh energy, ideas, and lots of hard work. I like the idea of focusing on one property, but even if I took on multiple properties I would want a long-term commitment to the project rather than a one-time installation. Most perennials take years to fully establish, every season brings a list of tasks, and there are always opportunities to improve. It would be fun to leave a vase (or several) of cuttings from the garden on the front porch at the end of every visit.