Misc. 1.0

Last fall painters pressure-washed our 100 year old windows. Water went everywhere inside the house through the cracks and between the windows and the sill. On the books, curtains, floors, rugs. Did I need to specify that “pressure-wash” didn’t actually mean applying pressure as other painters have explained to me in the past? I should have realized at that point that I cared more about their work than they did. We had planned to be out of town that day, but we were home to clean up the mess and stop them from spraying any more. They sanded the window sills, but didn’t scrape. Chips of paint left to be sealed in by more layers of paint in the years to come. They didn’t paint the trim in the correct shade of white around the porches. Not entirely at least, sections here and there in the primer white and in the new color. Almost like they were telling me I was a brat for paying to have trim changed from one white to another. They washed off their paint brushes in the yard. They left old rotten boards that they removed from the deck in the garden under leaves. It seemed like they thought I didn’t take care for the back yard well enough to even notice. They didn’t even paint the tops of things, boards, columns, etc. Cutting one corner puts the whole project into question. I started to notice columns with one streak of Dove White paint down the middle with the sides left in a primer coat. During “magic hour” the errors became much more obvious. I start to question myself, should I have been more specific? I call them back to finish their work even though I mostly want them to just go away. Next time I know that every detail needs to be discussed, written down, and signed on. And find a new company. In not too long we’ll do it all over again.

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