When Giving Matters Most … is When it’s Matched :)

There’s something remarkable about matched money. When your employer agrees to match your retirement savings you think to yourself, “I’d be a fool to not take that offer.” When someone anonymous agreed to match my donation to a remarkable community in Richmond (of which I’m blessed to be a part) … I felt the same way.

The organization I work for in Richmond is a part of a 36 hour competition to encourage support and awareness of non-profits doing work in the region. Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (CHAT) has a chance to receive thousands of dollars in new donations (over $20,000 at my last count!), a $10,000 bonus for winning the competition and an anonymous donor has committed to matching all donations including the grand prize!

Please consider giving to an organization doing work in Church Hill that I wholeheartedly believe in. CHAT is an organization, but more importantly it is a community. CHAT invites engaging people to Church Hill and holds together a community in Church Hill that supports and challenges one another to grow. The fact that we are in second place for donations (and by far first for amount donated) is a testament to the number of people who believe in this organization. Besides, when else will your dollar go this far?

Here’s the link if you’d like to donate or check out the leader board for other great organizations:  https://giverichmond.s3.amazonaws.com/npo1042461.html. The Raise is On!

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